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Dana M. London

Business Consultant, Speaker and Community Servant
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Dana M. London began her professional experience over 25 years ago in the financial services industry, working at major financial houses, before establishing The London Financial Group.  She appeared in on-air morning news segments for the ABC news affiliate in Baltimore, MD, discussing topics of financial interest, while hosting a call-in segment during the live news broadcast.  Ms. London's professional work and personal commitment to community service caused her to share the spotlight with professional athletes, entertainers and public figures and her keen understanding of their unique life challenges and business development needs, led to the further development of the Transition Teams program.

Ms. London has appeared on many nationally syndicated television programs including Oprah, Minority Business Report, NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, and Outside the Lines on ESPN.  ABC News' Nightline crowned her "Coach on Life" in a feature that reported on her effectiveness in counseling and advising professional athletes on business development, nonprofit management and life issues; also showing how her excellent judgement and ability to bring calm to intense situations allows her to excel in the area of crisis management for high-profile professionals.  

Dana M. London serves as a special adviser to many professional sports teams including, at one time, the Harlem Globetrotters Basketball Team , which was an especially endearing assignment since her grandfather, Byron Long, was a founding member of the team in 1926.  She continues to counsel and advise current and former professional athletes, coaches and teams in the pursuit of maximum life output, having long ago been established as a leading expert in the area of athlete welfare and transition issues.  Ms. London is a nationally, often-sought-after speaker, panelist, moderator and consultant.  She is currently writing a book, working on several media projects, and speaks to various groups across the country on issues pertaining to sports, education, and business and nonprofit development.  

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