Transition Teams, Inc.



  • Crazy faith - Holding onto your faith, no matter what!


  • How to die empty – Fulfilling God’s purpose for your life


  • Going through hell?  By all means, keep going! – How to stay focused in spite of it all


  • I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! – When you can’t stand on your feet, stay on your knees!  Praying your way through your darkest days


  • Is your life full of challenges?  Congratulations! – How to allow God to point you to your purpose through your hardships


  • Hearing God’s still, small voice when your life is screaming


  • Changing stumbling blocks to building blocks



  • Understanding your purpose – Using everything inside you to find your destiny


  • Preparing for success – Making the most of the educational experience


  • First generation success – How to push past your family’s nightmares to achieve your dreams





  • Raising greatness alone – Single motherhood


  • Moving from bitter to better – Life after divorce


  • “He can’t be all bad” What to do when he is. – Life on the inside of an abusive relationship.  Why its important to leave and how to prepare emotionally to do it


  • It’s great that you left, now stop abusing yourself. – How to get past an abusive relationship by improving your self-esteem


  • “You don’t look like an abused woman.” – The face of abuse doesn’t always look like it does on TV.  How to get beyond the shame so you can allow yourself to get help


  • Balance/Schmalance.  Can I have a career and a family?  Yes, you CAN!


  • He was a terrible mate, but he’s still their father, and YOU picked him. – Supporting and encouraging your ex’s relationship with the kids


  • I am woman, hear me roar! – How to be strong without losing your softness




  • Keeping them blind and in line – The day I got thrown out of a sports arena for talking to a professional athlete about going back to school


  • Understanding the BUSINESS of sports – How not to get played while you are playing


  • From class photo to trading card - making the transition – Preparing for life in the spotlight


  • The phenomenon of the entourage – Why its important to reevaluate your friends and rethink your idea of fun now that you are in a position of influence


  • Avoiding the jump from trading card to mug shot – Preparing for a life after sports


  • Preparing for questions like “Didn’t you used to be____?" by coming to terms with who you are now