Transition Teams, Inc.
"...I welcome your interest in helping young athletes to make the most of their educational opportunities.  I wish you every success."                    - President Bill Clinton

"...Dana London...Coach on Life..."   
                                                    - ABC News - Nightline

The New Jersey Nets did a wonderful thing...they brought in Dana London, an African American woman who talks to the players about their personal and financial issues..."
               - Bill Cosby, Famed entertainer and 
                    part owner of the New Jersey Nets
"...(Dana London) has designed a program that will enhance student-athlete welfare.  Her work ethic and work habits are second to none.  Her loyalty and commitment can be seen through her interaction with co-workers, student-athletes, professional athletes, entertainers, and institutions that request her assistance...the Transition Teams program addresses the type of issues that will strengthen our communities and renew hope of the future."
               -Robert Vowels, Assistant Commissioner - Big Ten Conference

"Dana London has put together a more informal and consistent program that addresses some of the unique issues facing NBA players and our players responded very well."              -John Nash, General Manager - New Jersey Nets

"Keep up the good work!  They need you!"
                                                                      -Gale Sayers, NFL, Hall of Fame

"...These players could use your help.  A program of this kind is long overdue..."                                                                       -Mike Singletary, NFL, Hall of Fame

"I wish there was a program like this when I played professional football."
                                                                       -Otis Wilson, NFL

"...Young players need the type of help that your program offers.  Things have changed..."                                                    -Ernie Banks, MLB, Hall of Fame

"Transition Teams is doing a really good thing."
                                                                        -Julius Erving, NBA, Hall of Fame

"Dana, you are doing tremendous work."
                                                                        -Marcus Allen, NFL, Hall of Fame

"I appreciate what your program is doing."             -Shaquille O'Neal, NBA

"...If you need any kind of information at all, Transition Teams can help you get it.  I wish this program was around when I first came into the League..."
                                                                                     -Kendall Gill, NBA

"...I feel like I can talk with Dana (London) about anything."
                           -Stephon Marbury, NBA (in an interview with ABC News)

"...People talk about my having to file bankruptcy, they don't understand.  There was no one around teaching me how to be a millionaire..."
                                                                     -MC Hammer, on the Oprah Show